Weeding Knife

£7.99 each

This weeding knife is lightweight and easy to use, taking the pressure off your hands freeing them of blisters. An essential and durable tool for you the gardener to tackle weeds great and small. 

Weeds are the bane of growing flowers and crops in your garden. They rob your prize plants of light, water and nutrients for their own benefit and even provide refuge for overwintering pests.

So get hold of the comfortable handle made of beautiful ash and use the straight blade made of durable stainless steel to lift the roots easily of shallow annual weeds like chickweed and hairy bittercress.

For deep tap-rooted dandelions turn your weeding knife around, dig the hooked side into the soil and pull up the long root with ease.

Hang up onto a nail with the convenient leather strap to keep your tool for longer.

Dimension: 25cm/10in

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Catalogue Number 1090-2225
  • Quantity 1x weeding knife
  • Size 10in


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£7.99 each
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