Westland Aftercut All in One Autumn Treatment

£24.99 each

Autumn Aftercut has been specially formulated to act as a lawn feed and moss killer in one. It comes in granule form making it easy to apply using a spreader or alternatively sprinkle by hand ensuring you are wearing a glove It has been specially formulated with a combination of high potash lawn fertiliser and ferrous sulphate which will eradicate the moss and prevent discolouring whilst revitalising your autumn lawn by adding essential nutrients, leaving your lawn strong and healthy over the winter months.

Once you have applied the Autumn Aftercut All In One your lawn will become lush and green and the moss will blacken, after 7-14 days rake away the dead moss. You can then repair any thin or bare patches left on your lawn once you have removed the moss with Grosure Smart Patch.

For best results apply between early September and mid November.  Apply on a dry day when the grass is actively growing.  Do not apply within 3 days of mowing or 4 days after mowing.

Not suitable to use on newly sown or laid lawns, you must allow it to establish for 12 months.

The bag will cover an area of 400 square metres.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9226
  • Quantity 1x 400sqm Bag

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£24.99 each
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