Westland Aftercut Ultra Green Plus Lawn Feed 350sqm

£19.99 each

  • Rapid greening within three days
  • Prevents moss
  • Helps create a stronger and tougher lawn
  • No scorch formula
  • Improves lawn health and colour
  • Covers a total 350 square metres
  • Perfect for the spring and summer season

Give your garden lawn a treat with this extra-greening feed containing added iron and magnesium. The balanced formulation promotes full greening and encourages the individual grass blades to produce side leaves and sideshoots that give your sward of grass a fuller and more luxurious look all year round.

Reward your lawn with Aftercut Ultra Green Plus Lawn Feed from February, just as the grass starts to actively grow. Simply sprinkle by hand (wearing gloves) or get some help from a spreader for even distribution after you have mown the lawn for the best results.

Featuring full instructions on every pack for the application rate and the best conditions to apply you know you will be feeding the lawn at the right rate to give you greener-than-greener grass for an attractive and practical area of grass.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7121
  • Quantity 1x 350sqm Pack

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£19.99 each
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