Westland Lawn and Turf Dressing 25Ltr bag

£7.99 each


  • Create a beautiful lawn in your garden.
  • Treat and maintain bald spots and hollow areas in your lawn
  • The perfect solution for turf laying
  • Provide your lawn with better drainage.

This universal lawn dressing improves the root structure, drainage and physical condition of your lawn resulting in a stronger, healthier attractive looking lawn in just a matter of weeks. Creating a real wow factor in your garden. Or if you are installing a completely new lawn in your garden the lawn and turf dressing is the perfect foundation.

No gardener wants to see moss or waterlogged spots in their prized lawn. Lawn and turf dressing is perfect for eliminating that as it helps your lawn breathe easier when aerating troublesome spots.

Lawn and turf dressing is specially formulated so that is suitable for any garden lawn and it doesn’t matter if it is grown from seed or laid as turf. Lawn and turf dressing consists of fine sieved loam, peat and sand. It also contains additional fertiliser to provide your lawn with all the nutrients that it needs to thrive. One bag of Westland lawn and turn dressing will cover approximately 12.5sqm of your lawn.

Lawn and turf dressing is best applied in the autumn or spring, when the soil in your lawn is moist and your existing grass is at its most active. It is simple and easy to apply, simply put on a pair of gloves and evenly distribute all over the top of the lawn. To maintain your lawn feed with a great conditioner such as the Westland Aftercut All in one, for the best possible results.

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  • Quantity 1x 25Ltr bag

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£7.99 each
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