Westland Organic Potato & Vegetable Feed 1.5kg

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Give your home-grown vegetables the nutritional start they need with Westland Organic Potato & Vegetable Feed. Sets your young vegetable plants up for a great start in their growing life so you get handsome harvests of vegetables once they mature. 

  • Easy –pour granules
  • Ideal for encourage strong and healthy roots- fantastic for carrots and potatoes
  • Produces rich leafy growth
  • NPK 4.5-3.5-2.5 for balanced nutrients for superior growth and development 

How to use for rewarding results

Spread 100g per square yard (square metre) of granules (approximately two handfuls) evenly over bare soil and work into soil whilst digging or using a rake, during the final preparation of vegetable beds. Do this 2-3 weeks before planting your vegetables to allow the fertiliser to get started.

An additional feed (approximately 50g per square yard (square metre) of granules (one handful) of organic Potato & Vegetable fertiliser should be applied 4-6 weeks once your plants emerge by sprinkling evenly  along the vegetable rows taking care not to get fertiliser onto the plants.

When to apply

Apply early in the season when preparing your vegetable beds for planting and then apply an additional feed 3-4 weeks after planting to ensure a handsome harvest of delicious vegetables.

What should I expect to see?

When your plants start to grow in earnest will begin to take up the nutrients from the fertiliser as the feed slowly releases nutrients into the soil around the roots. The plants will grow strong and healthy. Supplement with an additional feed after 5-6 weeks to give you excellent results.

How much do I use?

Based on an average 65 square feet (6sqm) bed

Before planting: 600g (12 handfuls)

4-6 weeks after planting: 300g (6 handfuls)

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£4.99 each
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