Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller 3Ltr

£16.99 each

  • Eliminates the top worst weeds
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Results after just 24 hours

Get rid of every weed in your garden that stops you from having your very own flowering oasis. From ever-producing annual weeds like chickweed that compete for light and water with young flowers to the most persistent of perennial weeds like dandelions Resolva Pro Weedkiller gets rid of them all after just 24 hours.

With active-ingredient glyphosate the chemical makes its way to the roots and kills the weed by getting into its bloodstream and venous system. With 3 litres there is enough formula to treat 111 square metres (large-garden proportions). Breaking down naturally in the soil, your soil does not build up with harmful residues after your plants have taken up the weedkiller, keeping your soil healthy.

You’ll see the difference after just 24 hours, especially when applied in hot, dry weather. The systemic action of the glyphosate kills the roots, the stems and the flowers of all known pesky weeds.

Resolva Pro contains Glyphosate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7081
  • Quantity 1x 3L Resolva RTU Bottle

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£16.99 each
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