Wild Bird Food - Nyger Seed 12.55KG

£26.50 each

Feed your garden birds nyger seeds; they are full of energy and contain essential oils for really healthy, well-formed and colourful feathers.

Much loved by colourful and charming goldfinches nyger seeds attract flocks of these birds to your garden filling your garden with life.

Excellent-value seeds will last through a whole season – great news for vulnerable garden birds dependent on a reliable food source to keep them alive, especially over winter.

Fill specially-designed nyger feeders with nyger seed and watch delightful finches flock to your garden, bringing it alive.

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Catalogue Number 80200050
  • Quantity 12.55kg bag of Nyger Seed

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  • £26.50 each
    • Quantity: 12.55kg bag of Nyger Seed
    • Catalogue No.: 80200050
  • £12.99 each
    • Quantity: 2.5kg bag of Nyger Seed
    • Catalogue No.: 80200060
£26.50 each
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