Wild Bird Food - Peanuts 12.55kg

£32.50 each

Buy whole peanuts from Unwins for your garden birds over winter. They are an excellent source of energy for colourful and charming garden birds like finches, tits and even woodpeckers.

Our peanuts are carefully sourced, tracked and cleaned to rid dust and provide birds with a healthy food source.

We recommend you put peanuts in special peanut feeders for flocks of birds to feed at any one time. So many bird species enjoy peanuts you can watch them all, in all colours and characters come into your garden to feed.

Feed the birds with peanuts over winter and they are likely to stick around in spring and feed on aphids and caterpillars. This keeps your flowers healthy and pest-free.

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Catalogue Number 80200010
  • Quantity 12.55kg bag of Peanuts
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