Wild Bird Food - Peanuts 2.5kg

£12.99 each

  • Whole peanuts dedicatedly sourced
  • Wholesome food source
  • High in energry

Description: Stock up whole peanuts from Unwins for the colourful birds in your garden over winter. They are high in energy, perfect so the health and wellbeing of the charming garden birds like woodpeckers and tits.

Feed the birds with peanuts from autumn to spring and they will stay in residence in spring to feed on plant pests like caterpillars keeping your flowers uneaten and unharmed.

Our peanuts are dedicatedly sourced, tracked and cleaned to eliminate dust and give birds a wholesome food source.

We suggest you put peanuts in designated peanut feeders for small groups of birds to feed at any one time. Lots of bird species enjoy peanuts you’ll be able to enjoy seeing them all in all their colour and character.

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Catalogue Number 80200020
  • Quantity 2.5kg bag of Peanuts
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