Wild Bird Food - Sunflower Hearts 12.55kg

£27.50 each

Enjoy watching flocks of birds gravitate to your garden with this popular bird food loved by finches and tits such as colourful blue tits and great tits. Just one 12.5kg bag is enough to see birds surviving months of adverse weather – whether in the grip of winter or high summer.

Watching your garden birds feeding on sunflowers lifts spirits so much. Seeing birds animated and full of character really adds to your garden and you are helping them survive too, improving the outlook of our much-loved UK wildlife.

Sunflowers hearts are husk-free so there is no mess to your garden with discarded seed cases. Sunflower hearts are 100% edible so provide a no-waste excellent food source for birds like chaffinches, greenfinches and even pretty nuthatches.

 Place sunflower hearts in special feeders and watch birds flock to them. Alternative scatter some on your bird table.

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Catalogue Number 80200030
  • Quantity 12.55kg bag of Sunflower Hearts

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  • £27.50 each
    • Quantity: 12.55kg bag of Sunflower Hearts
    • Catalogue No.: 80200030
  • £9.99 each
    • Quantity: 2.5kg bag of Sunflower Hearts
    • Catalogue No.: 80200040
£27.50 each
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