Young Bird Feeding Set

£22.99 each

  • Delivered to your door
  • SAVE over £8 when you buy the Secret Garden Wall Hanging Bird Table and specially formulated bird food as a complete collection
  • 5kg bag Quality Birds & Bees Essential Seed Mix, cleaned and sorted three times in production when blended for healthiest of garden birds
  • Wall-hanging feeder made of strong metal with a decorative leaf design
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • 32cm x 26cm feeder

Save more than £8 when you buy this cost-effective and quality Young Bird Feeding Set.

Do your bit for fledgling birds over the breeding season, and enjoy seeing them come to feed with adult birds with this complete feeding station which is made up of an attractive feeder and bird food tailored for young first-year birds after they have flown the nest and they are vulnerable.

The blend is made up of 11 energy-rich seed types. Seeds are small enough to suit all beaks or broken down into manageable morsels. Strengthened with vitamins A,D,E and biotin this reliable mix encourages healthy and strong beaks and bones. Added carotenoids promote developing feather colour and protect feathers from intense sunlight, so important for young birds as they develop into independent adults.

Delivered to your door you receive a quality Secret Garden Wall Hanging Bird Table; with unique leaf design and removable tray for birds to feed from while keeping mess and waste to a minimum.

With your Secret Garden Wall Hanging Bird Table you get a 2.5kg bag of Birds & Bees Essential Seed Mix: a quality blend of seeds for a range of beaks, particularly those of developing young birds.

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Catalogue Number 80605542
  • Quantity 1x 2.5kg Bag of Seed & 1x Bird Table
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